Learn the Roots and Branches of 3D printing with our Expertise Stay Focused



  • Learn the Technology of 3D Printing from the Industry Experts
  • 3D printing is not only Makerbot & Ultimakes’s, Its beyond the Marketing and the different techniques within it.
  • The Model is more on a DIY approach
  • We do help on Industrial Design and Product Design
  • CAD is the Essential part of the Maker’s Need and We know how to seed the idea’s in your mind
  • We exchange Idea’s and Not literally bore with Hours of Session
  • Its more of the FUN in seeing things growing infront of us.
  • Have Custom Workshops to help your need to build your own 3D Printer and Learn the roots.
  • Learn the operations of 3D printing Machines,.
  • Have Hand’s on with Different types of Machines and Structure’s like Cartesian, Delta, HBot etc.
  • Better know on the Printing with right parameter’s before you could Slice them.


For Sure the List Goes On, Please contact us sales.botzlab@gmail.com or give a call to +918451945127



  • Learn the right approach to know, How 3D Printing can be a Business
  • Learn the basic Operational Challenges in 3D Printing
  • Know how to develop the Market and Reach the Destination
  • Learn the different technologies involved with 3D printing
  • Choose the right technology for the Right Business
  • Know how to create a Business Model for 3D Printing
  • Complete Training on the 3D printers including operations
  • Learn CAD with us.
  • Learn and have hand’s on exposure with multiple 3D printers.
  • Get Our printers and enhance your skills on 3D printing
  • Lets Grow Together.

Please Reach us for Any Queries

sales.botzlab@gmail.com +918451945127

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  • tejas says:

    hi interested to attend workshop , kindly notify me for next one…

    thanks n regards

    • botzlab says:


      Thanks for the interest.
      We conduct individual and Group Session exclusively also based on interest, Lets tak, Please call +91 8451945127.

  • Deepa says:


    I need to learn 3d printing process, how can I get guidance on it.


    • botzlab says:

      Hello Deepa,

      Nice to see your interest, please call us on +91 8451945127 for Specific Course and Workhop.

      Team botzlab.

  • Akshay says:

    how caqn i apply for job or intern @ Botzlab

  • Hardik says:

    I want to attend the workshop. Kindly tell me what all will be able do with the knowledge provided. Also please tell me if you provide an extensive training for the same (especially the programming end).
    Thanks and Regards

    • botzlab says:

      Workshops are meant to know about the Technology and also CAD training to make models.

      I cant get What do you refer to the Programming, Please Explain more on that, You can call us on +918451945127 to talk and understand better.

      • Hardik says:

        i already have a technical know-how of CAD and using 3D printers. what i want to know is how to customize the 3D printer and making my own firmware. do you provide training in that segment?

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