Large Format Pro 3D Printer - 500 X 420 X 400 mm

Features & Specifications

Robust Steel Structure Frame


  • Full Steel Structure and Jet black Powder coated finish
  • Large Build Volume of 500 X 420 400 mm
  • Fully Enclosed Printer to ensure the print quality is best
  • Emergency Switch and Optimized Power

High Performance XY Gantry

  • hiwin_640
  • Linear Rails for smooth Operation
  • High Performance self Lubricating Linear Rails for XY Movements
  • High Precision Stop and Positioning
  • Excellent Load carrying capacity with Performance

High Precision Z Axis – 6 Microns


  • Industry proven ball Screw Mechanism for Z axis movements
  • Unprecedented Control on the Z axis slicing reaching from 500 microns to 6 Microns
  • High Stability dual Z axis for Uniform Z Plate Movement
  • Ball Screw enhances and carry the load ultra smooth

High Performance Hotend

  • e3d_640High Performance E3D V6 Style Hotend
  • Best fit for various Material Choices
  • Direct Drive Mechanism
  • Dual Extrusion with similar 2 Hotends

High Performance Heat Bed

  • bed_640High Performance Silicon heat Bed
  • The Controller board is stressed less to have long life
  • Accurate per sq cm heat transfer
  • Precise and Power Efficient AC heating, No more DC Stress

Auto Bed Leveling

  • prox_640Bed leveling is so easy and No Manual Adjustments
  • Inductive based Sensor
  • Wide Sensing Distance for Trouble free Printing & Adhesion
  • Well advanced offset parameter to choose variety of Materials

Speed Vs Resolution

  • nozzle-size_640_1Various Nozzle Sizes are possible
  • Better control on the trade off between the Speed & Quality
  • Faster turnaround of the Parts for Approval Prints
  • High Quality Optimized Bigger layer Resolutions prints with 500 microns possible

Machined Bed Surface

  • al_640High Performance Aluminium Alloy for Build Platform
  • QC Checked to have minimal bends
  • Clean Surface to have better adhesion
  • Highly Optimized for Proximity Sensor Operation

Guaranteed Long Duration Prints

  • big_prints_640Well calibrated for Long Print Duration
  • Each printers are tested for 150 hours Duration for best results
  • Optimized Profiles for Bigger Prints
  • Better Print Quality on larger layer resolution, Eg 500 microns on Z axis

High Durable Power Supplies

  • psu_640Power supplies being the heart of the System
  • We rely only on highly durable Delta Power Supply
  • It comes with One Year Warranty and Replacement
  • Precise Operations on the Dynamic Load change in printing

Great Software Integration


Great Dual Extrusion prints

  • picture4-500x500Well calibrated for Dual Extrusion
  • Excellent Print Quality
  • Continuous R&D