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Large Format 3D Printer Drona Carvy pro – Botzlab Innovations

By October 25, 20163D PRINTING NEWS

Large Format 3D Printer - Drona carvy pro


Large Format 3D Printer -Drona Carvy Pro – High Resolution 3D Printer

With 3D printer being the buzz word, today. Matching the quality and cost along with efficiency is a big trade off. We at Botzlab Innovations, have cracked it with the years of Experience, and so glad to say, the early adopters of 3D Printers in India.

Our niche development of the Large format 3D Printer in India and for the International market has certain real good advantages with the existing printers.

There is no reason for any Indian prototyping company to Import printers outside India, keeping the Cost and Quality in Mind.

Our new Drona Carvy pro Printers have bridged the gap for the Indian and other national to recieve the all in one best package.


The Printer has some real good advantages as listed below, which is rare to find in Market.

  • 1) Highly Efficient Structure, Steel Structure to ensure stability, and cancel any resonance that may occur, normally on the bigger printer.
    2) Fully Enclosed Printer, to maintain the Print Quality and Constant Temperature.
    3) High Performance Linear rails and ball Screws to achive High Precision, We have tested, from 500 microns to 12 microns, the ball screw has precision to position at 6 microns, if some one is ready to wait such long.
    4) The Bed is carefully chosen by the 6 MM Aluminium Plate, Custom CNC machined to ensure, its flat and square, without or very minimal bend in the surface, maintaining better adhesion with the aid of Auto Bed Tramming ( Leveling )
    5) The Heat Bed is achieved with High performance AC , Silicone Heater at custom watts that can satisfy the need of the Prints with ABS and other materials.
    6) The printers are seriously tested for 150 Hrs of Testing, before, it gets shipped to some one.
    7) The Nozzle size options are available from 0.4 till 1 mm to choose the speed Vs Layer Resolution. We are so glad to share or Lion & Dinosaur head is all at 500 microns.
    8) Excellent Profiles and integration with Cura & Simplify 3D
    9) Better Support Team to help on the issues and make custom changes to the Printer.
    10 The Hot ends are in E3D V6 styles to have multiple material uses.
    11) Dual Extrusion Options are addons to support dual extrusion prints.

Cost of the Printers are expected to be released soon by the Company.

We are so glad to share few pictures of the Printed parts here to showcase our capabilities and possibilities with the Machine in India.

Make in India & Made in India.




Printed at 500 microns PLA Natural

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