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ICE – The High Resolution Desktop 3D Printer Unveiled for Students

By September 30, 20153D Printer


The true high resolution, affordable desktop 3D Printer for the Indian Students, makers Hobbyist was released on 27 Sep 2015 on a technological festival at the best University in India @ VIT during the event graVITas ’15


The details of the Event is covered here


ICE, means nothing but IDEATE-CREATE- EXHIBIT is joining the 3rd Industrial revolution, with making it affordable to everybody in India and abroad with the best Build Volume for the price.

The H-BOT Gantry along with Uni body Enclosed design is the best suitable structure for 3D printers to have a smooth and vibration free movements, This is an awesome killer combination of Full Metal Steel and Aluminium made Printer.

We studied and understood every need and tough process of 3D printing as a user by our previous experience, Z adjustment and uniform Bed Leveling, along with first layer adhesion is the key stuff to have a best built model, We have made it ultra smooth, by making the printer to understand by itself and self adjust by the “B-Touch” Mechanism using the proximity sensor and 4 point Grid Measurements. Now your first layer is uniform and clean. You can just Relax :)

Keeping the Students and makers in Mind, a 3D printer is meant to just Print and not getting go around with the adjsutments, ICE just Prints with one Soft touch ” PRINT “, No more external Controls, just Plug your USB and print.

Botzlab Designed anti Slip Extruder and the all metal Extruder, Just adds jewels to the smooth Printing.

We have tested and calibrated for you, along with the essential Profiles, So that you can just concentrate on your Design part, the printing is a Button Away.

Happy Ideations, Creations and Exhibitions

Team Botzlab to assist you at every step.

According to Pingnagan Pranavam, Founder of the Botzlab Innovations, ” the printer is just a beginning of the Industrial Revolution that’s happening today, We study the market and cater the solutions accordingly, the ICE is meant for everybody” The printer has enormous capability and potential to serve lots of markets like Medical, Engineering, Construction, Architecture, Prototyping, Food etc.

Making technology affordable to everybody is the mission of the team and trying to speedup the process with much efficient manner.

According to Premkumar, Co-Founder of the Botzlab Innovations ” CAD is the next change within the reach and everybody will need to get adapted for the better change”. being a CAD Specialist, Im very confident that our Printers will cater everybody’s design and creative need.


Technology & Specifications

Technology : FFF ( Fused Filament Fabrication Method )
Build Volume: 200 X 140 X 100 mm
Layer Resolution : 100 to 300 Microns ( Possible to print at 50 microns )
XY Resolution : 27 Microns or greater.
Nozzle Diameter : 0.4 mm
Filament Diameter : 1.75 mm
Connectivity: USB, Optional Wifi and Camera Monitoring.
Input Voltage & Power : 220 V | 300 W
Hotend: Botzlab Designed Hybrid Metal Hotend.
Extruder : Botzlab Designed OX Extruder , antislip Technology incorporated.
Filaments : Optimized for PLA,  Composite Wood and other new range of Filaments under 260 degree

Software & Slicing

Compatible Files : STL, AMF
Machine Control : Printrun Interface
Slicing Compatibility : Cura & Slicr3
Operating System : Windows, Linux , Mac
Optimized Profiles: Based on Quality, High Medium and Rough Optimized Profiles.

The machine has a lead time of 4 to 5 Weeks, with continuous orders, the lead time are managed to get it reduced.

Happy Ideating, Creating and Exhibiting, We Team Botzlab would stay and grow with 3D Building.


Feel owning one, Please get one here or call us at +91 8451945127

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